Sarah Bennett Counselling

SARAH BENNETT Grad.Dip.Couns. Accred. MNCS.

Person-Centred Therapy

Often known as the ‘Rogerian’ approach and founded by the American Psychologist Carl Rogers. This approach works on the theory that the counsellor’s ‘way of being’ should be such that they provide certain ‘Core Conditions’ within the counselling relationship in order for the client to experience ‘therapeutic change or movement’.

Rogers believed that within the client/counsellor relationship the client should feel : EMPATHY. CONGRUENCE & UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD from the counsellor.

I am fundamentally a Person-Centred counsellor, who likes to work integretively, according to the individual I am working with, and the issues they would like to resolve or make sense of.

If I feel my client may benefit from other approaches, such as CBT, my aim is to deliver these in a way that is always under-pinned by my person-centred approach.